Doodle to Stitch

I love to doodle and I love to stitch. My doodles are often very detailed and delicate, this is quite difficult to duplicate in stitch. 

Sometimes I use hand stitch and just go for it. I have to admit I like both of these separately but feel the stitched piece is a poor representation of the doodle. Maybe one day, when I get a minute I’ll have another go!!

I’ve also had some fun trying out different ways to stitch my doodles, in this case I took a small part of the pattern and used different methods to make mini samples.

Recently I’ve been doodling onto my altered photos. So today I took a print I’d done into muslin of a mixed media piece from my sketchbook, made it up into a quilt sandwich and started stitching.

Plenty more to do and I’ve run out of thread. That will be a job for tomorrow then.

Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything I’ve said. 


A Big Day for Me!

Hidden away at the back of my loft are a small stack of old art canvases. In my mid-twenties I made a quick venture into the world of paint. I loved it, felt uncomfortable because they were abstract and then kids and work took priority and the paintings got put away. 

It’s been difficult to even consider going back down that path so I’ve been off and played with doodles and stitching, and quilting & knitting and slowly via the garden of mixed media sketchbooks I’ve found that path again. 

So today I took the plunge and dug out some blank canvases I hidden in my son’s bedroom and started to add gesso, papers & colour.

I panicked a few times, dragged at the canvas with card, then added more gesso and colour. There’s no hiding behind iPhone edits or photocopied collages here. In the end I just walked out, shut the door and left them there.

So this evening I peeked back in and checked on the results. These are just the bases and no where near being finished.

Those are the first steps. I loved the process, even if I did have a mini breakdown at one point. 

After that, this evening called for peaceful stitching. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask me about anything that I blog. 

Techniques and Guidance

Collage and Mixed Media

Boredom is my sworn enemy and that’s why I always have so many projects on the go .

My usual process is Collage, Photocopy, Paint, Photograph, Edit, Collage, Photocopy and finally Doodle or Draw.

This also helps me with my aversion to ever finishing anything. Even when framed and hung on a wall a piece of work can continue its life as a collaged photocopy.

Here’s an example.

I make a simple collage with photographs or magazine pages. These pages are from Landscape magazine (many thanks to the unknown photographer)


Next I add some paint and a focal point. I like to work with balancing unity and conflict.


I’m never satisfied with my own results so an essential tool for me is photo manipulation on my iPhone or iPad. It enables me to add, colour, tone and interest.


After printing out the edited photo I use a pigment ink pen or an opaque white marker to doodle, using the random shapes and colours as a guide


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more, thanks for reading.


Wet and Gloomy Weekend

What grotty weather we have had this weekend. The only option was to find some colour. I’m totally addicted to photo editing apps on my iPhone.

So I randomly chose a doodle from an old sketchbook and started to play.

First I used PhotoStudio to distort the lines, remove the colour, invert the tone and to add back some faint colour.


Then I ran one of the edits through Percolator and Fragment to add interesting details and texture.


One of my favourite apps is Aerograph, introduced to me by one of the wonderful ladies from the Be Creative Facebook group. So I couldn’t resist a couple of edits there and then I had a play with the Colors app. The possibilities are endless with this editing tool.


To finish off, it was now wine o’clock I went into MegaPhoto and applied a couple of simple filters and then found one that altered the colours of the photo where you tapped on it.


I hope that’s enough colour to brighten up your day too.


Mellow in Morocco

Last April I was very lucky to able to go on holiday to Morocco. The Atlas Mountains blew me away and I fell in love with the desert.

Over the last year I have been working on my sketchbook and a few stitch samples.


There was a wealth of inspiration at the museum in Bounou. I took tonnes of photos, fascinated by the textures and the tones in the colours of the walls and layers of dust.


Some of images I have printed onto fabric and I’ve been playing around with some stitching.



Zen Doodle – Oodles of Doodles


My doodles started as something to keep my hands occupied, I’d always loved adding little squiggles and diagrams to my notes in meetings and found I really missed this once I was no longer at work. So I bought some fine liners and a sketchbook and just started.

Friend’s encouraged me to continue and to develop my ideas. Then they pointed me in the direction of a request by Create Mixed Media for people to submit doodles for a new book.

I was very flattered when 2 of my doodles were chosen and I am very proud to now see them in print.


If you would like to see more of my doodles, most of them are on my Flickr gallery.

Zen Doodles


Altered Books

Slowly but surely the pages in my books are getting covered with a mixture of gesso and various colouring mediums.


Today I discovered the fun you can have with an old square rubber/eraser. I work on a number of books at a time so paint can be passed backwards and forwards between the different pages.


As the gesso dries the original images often re-emerge adding an extra dimension.


Once all the pages are covered I shall start to distress the pages, removing, stitching and adding whatever catches my eye.