Wet and Gloomy Weekend

What grotty weather we have had this weekend. The only option was to find some colour. I’m totally addicted to photo editing apps on my iPhone.

So I randomly chose a doodle from an old sketchbook and started to play.

First I used PhotoStudio to distort the lines, remove the colour, invert the tone and to add back some faint colour.


Then I ran one of the edits through Percolator and Fragment to add interesting details and texture.


One of my favourite apps is Aerograph, introduced to me by one of the wonderful ladies from the Be Creative Facebook group. So I couldn’t resist a couple of edits there and then I had a play with the Colors app. The possibilities are endless with this editing tool.


To finish off, it was now wine o’clock I went into MegaPhoto and applied a couple of simple filters and then found one that altered the colours of the photo where you tapped on it.


I hope that’s enough colour to brighten up your day too.

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