Techniques and Guidance

Collage and Mixed Media

Boredom is my sworn enemy and that’s why I always have so many projects on the go .

My usual process is Collage, Photocopy, Paint, Photograph, Edit, Collage, Photocopy and finally Doodle or Draw.

This also helps me with my aversion to ever finishing anything. Even when framed and hung on a wall a piece of work can continue its life as a collaged photocopy.

Here’s an example.

I make a simple collage with photographs or magazine pages. These pages are from Landscape magazine (many thanks to the unknown photographer)


Next I add some paint and a focal point. I like to work with balancing unity and conflict.


I’m never satisfied with my own results so an essential tool for me is photo manipulation on my iPhone or iPad. It enables me to add, colour, tone and interest.


After printing out the edited photo I use a pigment ink pen or an opaque white marker to doodle, using the random shapes and colours as a guide


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more, thanks for reading.

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