A Big Day for Me!

Hidden away at the back of my loft are a small stack of old art canvases. In my mid-twenties I made a quick venture into the world of paint. I loved it, felt uncomfortable because they were abstract and then kids and work took priority and the paintings got put away. 

It’s been difficult to even consider going back down that path so I’ve been off and played with doodles and stitching, and quilting & knitting and slowly via the garden of mixed media sketchbooks I’ve found that path again. 

So today I took the plunge and dug out some blank canvases I hidden in my son’s bedroom and started to add gesso, papers & colour.

I panicked a few times, dragged at the canvas with card, then added more gesso and colour. There’s no hiding behind iPhone edits or photocopied collages here. In the end I just walked out, shut the door and left them there.

So this evening I peeked back in and checked on the results. These are just the bases and no where near being finished.

Those are the first steps. I loved the process, even if I did have a mini breakdown at one point. 

After that, this evening called for peaceful stitching. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask me about anything that I blog. 

2 thoughts on “A Big Day for Me!

  1. Wow sally that looks fantastic! Your photos are so good do you use camera or a phone? Would love you to help me take some photos of my sketchbook s if you could find time please. Layout very clear and artistic looks very professional. Love anne

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