Doodle to Stitch

I love to doodle and I love to stitch. My doodles are often very detailed and delicate, this is quite difficult to duplicate in stitch. 

Sometimes I use hand stitch and just go for it. I have to admit I like both of these separately but feel the stitched piece is a poor representation of the doodle. Maybe one day, when I get a minute I’ll have another go!!

I’ve also had some fun trying out different ways to stitch my doodles, in this case I took a small part of the pattern and used different methods to make mini samples.

Recently I’ve been doodling onto my altered photos. So today I took a print I’d done into muslin of a mixed media piece from my sketchbook, made it up into a quilt sandwich and started stitching.

Plenty more to do and I’ve run out of thread. That will be a job for tomorrow then.

Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything I’ve said. 

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