Techniques and Guidance

Quiet Days

Its funny how art creeps into your life, it doesn’t feel that long ago that even putting a pencil to paper was a huge event. 

I’ll never forget the time me and my lovely City & Guild pals were asked to draw some flowers in class. You’d have thought Jenny had asked us to jump off Niagra Falls in a barrel. 

It’s taken a while but now I often find myself at my painting table in my pjs sidetracked on my way to the bathroom for my shower! 

For anyone struggling to take the leap towards drawing every day I’d highly recommend a few of these ‘tricks’

1. Try free drawing. Don’t look at the page, just grab a pen and draw something in front of you.

2. Paint pages in a small sketchbook that you can carry round in your bag to record what you see. Last summer I kept one to record our trip through Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

3. Do some investigating and find a good app or software program for editing photographs. Use it to play with shots of your drawings and don’t forget to share. Find a supportive online club or group and be brave. My Instagram friends have encouraged me from day one and soppy as it sounds I couldn’t have got this far without them.

4. More investigating, find yourself a book or even better an online daily prompt blog or website. I love Myfanwy’s blog, the prompts are simple, inventive and cover a wide range of interests which is perfect for a jack of all trades like me. Myfanwy also runs a group on Facebook where we share anything creative including responses to the daily prompt. 

Be Creative

This edited pepper is still my favourite photo prompt so far.

So really there’s no excuse, get a pen and some paper and have a go!

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