Doodle Day Book

Its taken a week but I’ve finally been able to start using my new doodle day book. 

It’s been paint a page. Wait ……. let it dry … wait … now paint the next page. There were loads of pages so it’s taken a while.

I’m particularly pleased with the pages with the little painted squares, they are perfect for recording shapes, in this case doodles but in the past I’ve recorded all sorts of shapes.

Over the last week I’ve become a little bit overwhelmed by all of my  ongoing/unfinished/not-even-started projects and it was lovely to sit this evening and just doodle straight from my head.

Thank goodness for doodles!

6 thoughts on “Doodle Day Book

  1. Ooh, beautiful! The little boxes are particularly lovely, and such a nice idea for a book.
    I’ve not done any ‘colouring in’ in my sketchbook for ages now, which is a similar mental state. Might have to get the crayons out tomorrow.

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  2. Hi Sally, Your sketchbook is stunning, it’s so inspiring. I love the coloured squares, it really makes a difference to the collection of patterns. I’m so inspired I’m thinging of having a go myself. I’ve been reading about an art movement called Biomorphism and can’t wait to start recording patterns from nature. Thank you for showing your sketchbook, it’s such a personal thing to do.

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