Canvas chaos

A little while back you might remember me starting some mixed media work on 3 fairly big canvases. It was a step out of my comfort zone and I must admit they are still challenging me. It’s been interesting watching them develop and some of the reactions I’ve had to my posts of the progress shots on the inter-web.

After laying the bases (paint and gesso) I went straight for some ink dribble. Then went a little crazy with more gesso & Brusho.

It was interesting when I posted these on Instagram, on the blue piece I received some constructive feedback highlighting that I could do better, in truth I agreed with the guy (and it is only progress) So I stomached the comments and moved on, but them on Tumblr one of my  posts was getting reblogged  and low and behold it was the blue piece! Sometimes you’ve just got to put it out there and let the people decide!!

Each morning I find myself drawn back to canvases and I throw a bit more ink and paint at them, usually what ever is to hand. In most cases it’s fabric paint. I love it’s watery translucent quality.

I feel that the canvases are slowly developing and getting some personality. Taking photos of them has been invaluable, the shots so often highlight areas with a lack of tone, or too much globby paint, or weird shapes (you know what I mean!!) 

Then just for fun I used my iPhone to make some abstract edits. These could easily find their way into my collages or transferred on to fabric as a base for an embroidery. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

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