I’ve only gone and done it!

Today has been a very busy day, sometime last week in a mad moment I decided to enrol on a distance learning Textile Degree.  It’s been a whirlwind since then. In no time I’d applied for, and received approval for my student finance, I’d applied to the College of Arts and with stunning swiftness I’d been enrolled, allocated a student id, a tutor, given access to all sorts of resources and a link to my my course materials. Email has really changed the world. 


This is the degree and I’m starting with a course called A Textiles Vocabulary. I’ve only had a brief glance through the course materials and now I’m bursting with excitement to get started.

At certain points I will be submitting formal assignments but as I go I have to keep a learning log and this can be in the form of a blog. This will be my learning log, here I will record and reflect on what I’m doing. 

Please help me with support and feedback on what I’m doing and how I’m getting on. 

It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be an adventure. Bring it on I say!! 

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