Nature’s Larder – Preparing to Observe Qualities

My instinct was to get started, jump right in. Get out the paints and the pens and start drawing. But I slowed down and read the brief, I need some more time to think about what and how I want to express my collection.

The student notes included a list of artists who use marking making and drawing in their art. The internet is a wealth of information, its easy to get lost on there and very easy to build up a sense of closeness to someone you haven’t even met. I was very pleased that the first artist on the list was familiar to me and I had actually seen one of her sculptures.

Louise Bourgeois is very interesting because she creates dramatic art from a place of great emotion. She explores issues of motherhood, parenthood and a woman’s place in the home. 

My group of objects are household objects, they are comforting, homely. I am not comfortable with conflict or causing distress. Would I ever make a huge scary spider? How can I create drama in my work? Will my personality ever let me make pieces that shock; that cause a primeval reaction in the viewer. Lets see, I’m not so sure I will.

The drawings in this article particularly appealed to me, the gentle lines and the layering of the tendrills and organic  forms.  


 Louise was a stunning looking woman and showed great restrain in her simple drawings. 

 These 2 photographs were taken by me in Bilao. It was a fascinating place and I particularly liked the visual impact of Maman the spider.   
I also looked at the work of Hilary Ellis – http://www.hilaryellis.co.uk. Her work is incredibly skilled and requires a huge amount of patience. I have huge respect for it but it’s not for me.

From Hilary’s very specific work I moved onto Michael Griffiths  www.michaelgriffithsfineart.com work and felt much more at home. It fasinates me how such naive and simple compositions can be so accomplished and practised. 

The closer you look, the more detail you see. The colours and textures layer but they remain fresh, the colours don’t mush together. The paint marks look haphazard, like they’ve been done almost with eye’s closed but there is so much more to their development. Its the gentleness of touch that I can see, the skill and control needed to place the dramatic strokes in just the right places. 

The last lady on the list was my favourite, I will definately be following and  finding out more about Roanna Wells http://www.roannawells.co.uk. Her sketchbooks are facinating and can be found here http://roannawellssketchbook.tumblr.com

I like the use of shade and simple lines to capture an object or a scene. No complicated or elaborate mediums, nice simple pen and pencil.  This is definately one of the styles I will be using when I complete my own drawings.

Roanna’s stitches are very precise, I love the use of negative space and outlining to create shapes. I shall be doing more research to find future exhibitions so I can see how the work translates in real life.

Lots of looking and thinking today, so I didn’t manage to spend much time on my own work, just a few black and white artsy edits ready for the start of tomorrow’s drawing exercise. Still feeling vaguely reluctant, but I’m sure once I get started I’ll be fine.


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