Textile 1 – assignment 1. Thinking out loud in my sketchbook.



The first assignment in a Textile Vocabulary asks you to make a series of observational drawings of the objects you found to illustrate the theme you had chosen, in my case this was Nature’s Larder. To help me with the decision making process of what and how this should be done I’ve been thinking out loud in my sketchbook. 

This page was very random with quick scribble sketches and the thoughts that came in to my head.


I filled another page with words and sketches, thnking about how the paper and medium used could be tied to the object I was drawing. This is way too organised for me, I work far more by just grabbing what’s close and experimenting. Sometimes this works and my technique improves as I go but other times it leaves me with a pretty piece that doesn’t have any soul.  Or worst a misjudged mess. This process was testing but, like anything once I got in to it I was able to come up with lots of ideas. There is no guarantee I will follow my plans but at least I can use them as a starting point.

I’m an avid user of Pinterest for gathering ideas and images. And, almost straight away I set up some pinboards to record pins relevant to my OCA work. The include items I have used for research and pins of my own work. These are my boards.


At best this gives me lots of inspiration and at worst, at least my procrasination is textile degree related.
Pinterest is full of sketchbooks and images of other artist’s work. I chose 8 pins as my inspiration for the next few sets of drawings and made notes about what I was going to do. 
Then I looked at how different artists had made use of the space on the page and reviewed this and selected some styles that I particularly liked.


These pictures have been gathered from on Pinterest, the sharing of art and ideas has become almost the norm now, personally I love this culture of creative sharing. I share my work without limit, this blog is public and so is my Instagram, Flickr and Art facebook page. I do keep my personal page private though. Friend’s warn me this may change when my idea’s are plagarised but I do not fear that, this is the world we live in now. The internet has changed all that, homework questions can be answered directly with the right google search but word-for-word transcripting is soon found out. Plagiarism is so easy now, too easy in fact, we spot it more easily and we now naturally look for the individual’s style and signatures that identify the work as their own. Copying is passé, stealing is frowned upon, I’ve seen individual’s rally round and cut off people who claim other’s work as their own. I may not always list the specifics of the images that I use, Pinterest doesn’t always make this very simple to do but all of the images can be traced back to my pinboards and from there back to the originator.

4 thoughts on “Textile 1 – assignment 1. Thinking out loud in my sketchbook.

  1. So enjoying your blog, must buy a cabbage as those prints are great. I also share on Pinterest and take inspiration from others, that is why courses are so enjoyable!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. great blog Sally 🙂 will follow your journey with great interest.
    Will find you on Pinterest too. My collection of admired images is there too. All feeding into my view on the world I want to make with my bits of fabric.
    Agree with your views on plagiarism/copying : it is almost unavoidable and can’t be of great benefit to the artist’s soul! Where else does your own confidence come from if not from work you have created? Of course influenced by everyone all over the place now all these images are so readily available. But one’s own style I’m sure must come through.
    May it all keep going well 🙂


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