A Textile Vocabulary – Assignment 1 – Nature’s Larder

It’s been a busy few weeks and yesterday I finaly found a couple of hours to make a few more observational drawings of my items I gathered for my Nature’s Larder.

The veggies and seeds have been sat in a box in my workroom, they are slowly rotting, except the leaves covered with paint that have gone all crispy.


The cabbages just get more interesting all of the time. The textures are getting deeper and accentuated as the water dries out of the cells. The solid green cabbage has started to get some very interesting swirls and veins.



In my first sketch I used ink on a brush on a textured card, I varied the tone of the ink, applying it quickly. Aiming for a sense of shape and detail rather than an accurate representation of the green cabbage.



In this section sketch I applied the ink slowly letting it flow out into the texture of the card so it almost looks as if the lines are made up of lot of little crosses.

In additon to the 2 larger piecces I played around with the ink and made 3 little close up sketches of the leaf details.


I moved on to a more defined drawing using a fineliner and adding tone and texture with grey, white and black ink. The heavily textured paper is to represent the dimples on the drying cabbage leaves.



Working even smaller I recorded a few of the small shapes, repeating them, playing with them and doing a little bit of stylising.


One of the previously painted leaves is now very crisp and the paint has clung to and dried on the veins of the leaf.  Considering this I selected some synthetic yupo paper and made a fine line drawing of the leaf. At the time it looked very detailed but now I feel an urge to add more lines with an even thinner pen.


  Again using the yupo paper I drew the white cabbage which is breaking apart as it dries.

I really couldn’t finish this exercise without one little doodle. It’s not one of my best but I’ve got to be true to my roots!


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