A Textile Vocabulary – Assignment 1 – Review & Access

The drawing and mark making is now complete for my first assignment. I was very excited when I started the work, I decided that my watchword would be ‘simple’. I really didn’t want to get into the habit of overthinking my every move. So I made a quick decision and decided on ‘Nature’s Larder’ as my theme. My first thoughts were, get some veg and have a go. So that’s just what I did. I bought some cabbage and found some other interesting edible items and got to work. 

I selected a number of papers and painting tools and thought about the texture of the different items as I chose which ones to use. It was particularly nice using the actual vegtables as stencils but I was also pleased with the line drawings. It was interesting researching other artist’s as directed by the course materials and I’ve find Pinterest very useful for investigating and recording specific photographs and articles.

 Many of the pieces developed as a result of the fallout from the original piece, soak throughs and prints were particularly effective and I would like to persue this ‘accidental’ method of producing marks and reditions of items.


In my sketchbook I also made some notes and did some brain storming so I could have a sense of what I was looking at, not just food but the traditions and culture around food. This is an area I really want to work on through out the course, I find it comfortable making marks and recording the features of an item but going deeper and finding and expressing meaning and thought is something I do not yet find easy. 


Experimenting with different mediums is something I love doing and I did this with the vegtable selection, limiting my pallette to black, white and grey. Something I found very difficult at first because I love colour and am drawn straight to playing with colour and shapes. Often working in an abstract style.

An idea did start to develop as I worked on the drawings, I started to see egg shapes and it made me start to think about parental conditioning and the issues we have at the moment with child obesity, but that was as far as my thoughts went. In the future I would like to work towards developing these types of ideas and to start working these in a more defined way into my work.

Whilst working on the drawings I also kept a blog as my learning log, I have dabbled before with blogs but this time I was more organised and strict with myself about making regular posts. It was quite scary being so open and public about my work and my thoughts. This is a learning process and I will be continuing with my blog throughout this course. 

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