A Textile Vocabulary – Textile Archive.

Heck, this is proving a tricky one for me. I am now seriously behind on my deadlines and all because I find it difficult to complete tasks that involve other people. For this project I need to contact a museum and ask to view 3 textiles from their achive. Sounds simple. No, not for me. I’ve spend a stupid amount of time thinking, ruminating, procrastinating and making this one as difficult as possible.

It all comes down to asking people for help, I am so concerned/convinced that they will think I am stupid and will refuse I can’t even pluck up the courage to ask! 

I had a good idea, worked it through and when it didn’t quite work out I just stopped. Thump, I sat down and refused to budge.  

Nothing has gone to waste and the research I did will make a good blog entry on the stories behind textiles but that in it’s self is procrastinating.

There is another example of this, from my safe cave I though about looking for subject matter closer to home.

Do I have any old textiles? Nope nothing, nada. But I do have access to a vintage campervan and all of its currently being renovated. I have some wonderful abstract photos that would make great subjects for painting or embroideries but no, they are not fabric!




So its back to the drawing board and a sheepish apology to my tutor about my late submission.

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