Synchronicity  – feathers

‘Journaling is best if it is done daily’  – the words of Victoria Torf in her article 15 Reasons Why Artists Keep a Visual Journal.

I try to draw everyday, even if it’s only a mini doodle. 

Victoria also suggests that we keep a journal so we have a wealth of reference material. This made me decide that it’s fine for me to put anything in my journal, not just the projects that I am working on.

In view of this I have started a daily journal for my textile degree work, I have to say it’s getting quite addictive and I keep finding my eyes flicking about all over the place looking for material to include and record.

This morning, whilst working on an earlier page in my journal I pinned a feather drawing by Paula Mills and in true Pinterest style I got drawn into setting up a fabulous feathers board.

Then walking along the road I found a feather, so suspecting synchronicity I grabbed it for my journal.

Then I had some fun doing some fine line doodles and drawings.

I have some new Dr.Ph.Martin’s radiant watercolour so I used this and watercolours to add some vibrance.  I’m glad I kept a photograph of my drawings because I don’t really like the colour versions. I have a lot to learn about using paint. 

Another artist I have been looking at is Marina Molares and she uses digital software to create duplicate images, so using my iPhone I make a quick edit.


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