Planning Exercise – A Textile Vocabulary – Part 1 – Observing & Capturing

Suddenly I have realised I have a load more work to do on this part of A Textile Vocabulary! Time for a planning exercise (procrastination or sensible idea, I’ll let you decide!!)

I’m looking forward to all of these exercises, it’s all about drawing, mark making and collaging. My favourites so although I’m running behind on my deadlines I’m not going to let it get on top of me and let the deadlines suck all the fun and excitement out of what I’m doing.

Project 1 and 2 revolve around the pieces I selected and viewed at the Shropshire Museum Archives and I’m going to focus on these during this planning exercise.

Project 1 – Selecting and Identifying

Exercise 1.1 – The Archive.

After some hiccups at the beginning this exercise is now all done. 

Exercise 1.2 – Substance & Story

After the visit to the archive I have written 3 blogs using 3 different styles. I have chosen this route because the brief asks for you to review the items in terms of their substance and stories.

Duster Coat – This blog I wrote in a simple report style, with lots of photographs and information about what I observed during the visit. There is a small paragraph about the story I could envisage for this garment.
Linen Smock Coat – I took a risk with this blog and decided to write it as a story, weaving the ‘substance’ information into the narrative. 
Linen Smock Shirt – I found an application called Adobe Slate and used this to write this blog. It’s very visual and makes a capsule of photographs and information that slides upwards with information and photographs on ‘slates’ moving across base photographs. Perfect for displaying a lot of information is a smaller space than a normal blog layout. The only issue that I really had was that it doesn’t currently link seamlessly to my blog. 

Project 2 – Recording and Capturing

All of the 4 exercises in this project are a progression of mark making and different methods to capture the substance and qualities of the 3 textile items. My plan to work through these but not necessarily in a linear fashion. I’m not going to seperate the items but look at them as one collection of images and work from there.  

The danger with this is that I lose the value of the ‘story’ information and depersonalise the garments. This will need some more thought.


Exercise 1.3 – Making Marks

I actually think I might have enough information to complete the exercise, I made a number of drawings at the archive visit and I’ve done some research on simple mark making in my sketchbook. I have already included the drawings in the previous so I’ll need another angle that keeps them interesting and not just a simple repeat!

Exercise 1.4 – Lines & Edges

This is going to be an interesting foray into using simple methods to take some observational drawings. The brief asks for 8 to 12 drawings.

My planned process is:

Select some photographs with some interesting lines — Select some drawing tools, have a walk and gather some unusual items and create some personalised tools — take a line for a walk; drawing with my left hand, drawing with my eyes closed, lots of free form — chose different types of lines to express the different qualities of the items.

Exercise 1.5 – Collage & Creases

I have aleady started this project and it only asks for 2 to 3 collages, so I’m well ahead here, there is more likely to be a problem with me actually stopping!

Exercise 1.6 – Detail & Definition

The 3 textile items are full of interesting details so this shouldn’t be too difficult at all. 


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