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Flowers – Getting Started

To make my bright and bold drawings of flowers I’ve decided to use Procion MX Dye and brusho as the colour wash. I’ve used this in the past to paint paper and sketchbook pages, it soaks well into the fibres and leaves a nice smooth surface to draw on.

Here’s my colour palette of dye, I’ve also mixed up some purple, green and black brusho.

To make the actual pictures I’ve planned on using the dye, brusho with pastels; oil, soft and watercolour for more detailed and controlled marks.

I have made up plenty of dye and after I had mixed it today I couldn’t resist making a couple of paintings. I was immediately drawn to the sun flowers. The shapes are easier to replicate and colours make me smile. 


Over on the other side of the table are some richly coloured gladiolas, so I forced my shoulders down, relaxed my grip on the brush and made some splashes on the paper.


Tomorrow, after the paper has dried I will roll the lining paper along the table to expose a nice fresh ‘canvas’ and  splash a load more dye around.

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