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Tricky Sunflowers 

This morning’s painting session started quite well. I used some Procion MX dye to do some sunflower prints. The flowers are starting to rot and are ponging, so it was time to cut them off before they turn to mush.

I liked this but the tone was created by the wetness of the dye so I added some more colour. I still feel it’s a little bit flat but I’ve shown some rare restraint and I’m leaving them to dry before I add more colour.

The backs of the flowers are beautiful in a Wabi-Sabi way so feeling brave I thought I’d have a go at drawing one. Oh dear, oh dear. I created an alien!!

I couldn’t bear looking at it so I ripped off some of the green leaves and placed them over the offending item.

Better? I’m not too sure yet. But I’ve gone ahead and added some glue and pinned the leaves down, in the vain hope that they dry flat.

I’m in love with these pins that I bought from the Dovecot in Edinburgh, they are for pinning down butterfly and insect samples. They are so delicate and pretty, I might just leave them in.

In case you were wondering what the backs of the sunflowers should really have looked like when painted, here’s a digitally manipulated ‘painting’. 

Outdone by an IPhone – huff!!

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