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David Hockney 

These research points are always tricky for me; I love to research, I love to soak up all those pictures, facts and information but I always feel uncomfortable writing it all down. Cut & paste made that all too easy! 

When I was at school writing a report showed you had done your research, you’d had to go to the library or find someone else who could tell you all about it or found or bought a book. Now it just means you can type some key words into Google! 

Unless you are doing your research on site at a museum, art gallery or other interesting location, to me there doesn’t seem any need to write down all the stuff you’ve read. 

It’s especially difficult if you’ve got a preconceived idea about whether you like the artist or not. Hockney is one of those artists that I have chosen not to like: the celebrity artists, all parties, drugs and sexy groupies.

Maybe Hockney was a bit like that but, accept my apologies, he’s also a damn good artist. Not that I think he’d care what I think!

He’s never not been fresh, he’s always kept his love of life and positively. There have been periods of sadness and difficult times but he’s always looked for the excitement, beauty and new things to investigate in life.

Hockney’s work covers such a long period and so many genres, mediums, styles and influences I couldn’t possibly cover them all here without being in danger of boring you with information rather than spiking your interest. This official website has some excellent information, including a chronological biography. 

Colour has always been key in Hockney’s work and he’s well known for his quotes. I am especially drawn to his thoughts on ‘seeing’, ‘painting’ and photography.

Shut up and paint

Being one of my favourites.

Over the years Hockney has always embraced the new and exciting: he drew and painted but then took photography to new levels. I particularly like his montages, almost as if he could see the future of photograph as we have it now with camera phones, Instagram and selfies.

He was using the photocopier to make layered pictures long before Art Journals and mixed media. And now he is painting using his iPhone and iPad. 

No hiding behind his age; reading an IPad For Dummies and ringing his grandchildren for help to switch ‘the damn thing on’ for Hockney.

Hockney is showing his ability to reinvent himself time after time by incorporating this new technology into his already vast repertoire and producing some wonderful iPad paintings and as to be expected has some very interesting things to say about it all. I particularly liked this article in the Telegraph

I’ve focused my Hockney sketchbook pages on his quotes and added lots of bold colours. There are more of his pictures on my Pinterest Board: David Hockney – OCA – Research. 

I really have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed this research point, just proves sometimes, you’ve just got to shut up and paint!


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