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Textile Archive – Recording & Capturing. What have I got here?

I was slow to start with this exercise, I was very nervous about contacting a museum and didn’t know at all what the etiquette was. But it all went very well in the end and I spent some wonderful time with my 3 linen textile items. 

I was able to do some sketches on site and to take lots of photographs so I had plenty of source material for my sketchbook.

The brief split the recording and capturing instructions down into 3 elements: line, detail & definition and collage.

I made 3 line drawings of 2 of the garments, hoping to capture the atmosphere of the garments without getting bogged down with too much detail.


I also made a number of more relaxed and abstract renditions of the lines in the stitching and the folds of the fabric.

It was a real test of my need to add lots of detail to keep this sketch this simple. I think it stands out against my other sketches.



Recording the detail was very enjoyable, the smocking and folds in the fabric of the garments gave me lots of shapes and shadows to record.


Then there were the interesting shapes make by the rust marks and the weave of the linen. And I experimented with some different ways to express their shapes and attributes.



Making the collages proved far more tricky, I was restricted by the small pages in my chosen sketchbook. In the past I’ve used collage to make far bigger compositions.

I began with a detailed rendition of the sleeve sketch I made on site.  I used an assortment of magazine pages but it was very flat so I cut out and added 2 little pieces of a photocopy of the sketch to add some contrast and a focal point.

When I found an article in a magazine with some photographs of carved wood I was very excited that it would make good collage material. Well, I did my best with it but it really didn’t come together in the end. I was hoping for gentle lines but I think it just looks clunky and very clumsy.

I did try to rescue it with some distressing and colour but I’m still not satisfied with the results. 

It does make me wonder though whether I should take it forward to the stitch samples. It might work far better if I select small areas through a view finder?

I’m including these collages but I don’t think they are very good!! I was trying to show different ways to record the folds and weaves but I think my 2 attempts are too obvious and clumsy (again) 

I was a little bit happier with this piece, I like to draw over photocopies and I like the way this collage takes the original source and it’s now something very different.

I finished off the sketchbook with a couple of Hockney style montages.


3 thoughts on “Textile Archive – Recording & Capturing. What have I got here?

  1. This is wonderful Sally. You’re really capturing all of your thought processes and created some lovely pieces. My sketch and log books feel very unadventurous at the moment in comparison.


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