ATV - Pt2 - PJ1 - Creating Surfaces · Textiles 1: A Textiles Vocabulary

Multi layer paper samples and some more simple experiments

After my experiments with 2 layers to create some interesting surfaces for stitch I went onto multiple layers.

There is some fibre paper, some silk tops, some scrim and an old Tyvek envelope in this first sample. Lots of smooth surfaces here.

Running this through the embellisher has created some lovely textures but I’m not sure (again) that the sample meets the brief. It’s more fabric than paper now and very detailed. 


 I’m very keen to use the heating gun on these samples so I had a play at melting the Tyvek. 

It created lots of yummy bubbles and distressed areas. So that’s gone in the sample box. 

To continue developing the distressing of a paper layer by forcing fibres through the surface with the embellisher I played with some Lutrador and scrim. 

I’ve put this in the sample box but I’m still not convinced that this isn’t too busy and fancy.   


I went even further with this experiment and added lots of layers to some bark paper and battered it until the embellisher needles really gave up the ghost! 

It was lovely to work with colour but looking back at the linen smocks to re-focus I decided to tame down the colour and work at creating some folds and tears. 

I used lots of tissue paper and PVA to create these 2 samples. 

Of all of my samples I love these 2 the best.   

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