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It’s Audition Time.

After putting together my manipulated paper surfaces for stitch, the next stage is to sift through all of the source material and start to decide what I am going to stitch.

Tonight I have the lounge to myself (almost, if you don’t include the pets!) so I started off by printing off pictures of my surfaces and the drawings I have selected to use as direct sources for the stitching. 

Then using my view finders I selected areas of the drawings that I felt had some link or similarly to the different surfaces.

I photographed and printed off these little duos, then I worked through the actual surfaces and put them together with the print offs.

At some point it had got to the stage where I had stuff everywhere so I decided to set up some admin style folders to organise the samples and ideas.

I’m not sure if it’s really very arty or creative to be this organised but it helps me! Not so sure Gem was that impressed though!!


There is still far too many examples to stitch so there is still more auditioning to do. 

Thank you to Anne Armes for sharing this concept of ‘auditioning’ items when selecting ideas to take forward. 

It’s been a busy evening and as you can see it’s all worn Leo the cat out!!


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