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A Little Preparation 

Before I threw myself into the stitch sampling I decided to review what is needed for Assignment 2.

I like to have at least a little inkling of where I’m going next and for me reading the course materials is just not enough!

Usually I would write them out, almost, word for word but there are a lot of instructions this time. 

So I had to come up with a way to review and digest the guidance that could also make it easy for me to re-read, review, take notes, jot down ideas, research, keep pictures etc etc.

I had loads of paper left over from the previous exercise and I’ve used some of it to make a workbook. 

I’ve printed the instructions off on sticky backed acetate, cut them up into paragraphs so I could read them in small bites and fixed them onto different pages. 

And this will give me lots of space for mind maps, ideas, photos and photocopies etc.

The issue now is, do I want to mess up all this uncharacteristic organisation by actually doing something??


6 thoughts on “A Little Preparation 

  1. You can always cut it up again 😀

    I think it’s a very good idea to do it like that . Instructions can be so overwhelming!
    I’ll use this idea with my ASC students. They are always struggling with lists of instructions and briefs for their art course. All this text so close together …. and outcomes to be worked towards … To break it up like this is perfect :).

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  2. I too get very muddled with all the instructions and end up doing lots of highlighting and underlining. I love your idea of cutting them up and leaving space for notes and mindmapping, and I will be ‘borrowing’ it (recently read ‘Steal Like an Artist’ so I feel no guilt).


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