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Blithering Blogging

I'm trying a new thing today. I'm having a go with using the Blogger iPad app to write my blog entries. It is becoming increasing frustrating to write a blog with photographs and inserts. I have a very short short term memory and I hate complicated key chains so adding inserts and references drives me crazy but I know I have to do this is support my research and to meet the requirements of the course.

Then there are the photographs, I use iCloud and it helpfully manages my photographs for me, keeping them in that deep dark cloud, so deep and dark that I can't get to the blasted things. I get all excited and tempted by a thumbnail but click on it and all I get is that little porkie pie chart that creeps round to 3/4s and then declares my photo cannot be downloaded. Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh. By now I'm so caught up in the process there is no way I am going to be able to make an kind of sensible attempt at analysing, reviewing or explaining my work. My head is frazzled and I'm fed up before I've even started!

This is the Instagram photo of my messy nest. Explanation is a couple of paragraphs down.

I am hoping Blogger with it's quick links to Google, Flickr, Instagram and Facebook will help me embed references and photographs with lots less fuss and whizzing windmills, who am I Don Quixote – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Now, that was loads easier, I tapped on the Google search button, found the page, copied it and pasted it into the blog. No leaping backwards and forwards. Phew! that works then!


So now, Instagram. Can I add a photo? Oh my God, it was so easy! It is up there not down here but all I had to do was tap the Instagram button, go into My Photos, press on the photograph (excuse the mess!) and drag it into the body of the blog, genius!

Then there is Flickr, I use Flickr a lot, its so much easier than iCloud & Apple photos to use if you want control over what you upload and organise but for God's sake don't switch on the auto uploader, it's the devil's work and you will end up with thousands of dated albums with one photograph in.

For a start, ignore the Please Wait windmill when you are setting up the link, just enter in your log in details and Bob's your uncle and your in. Okay, I've got the photo into the blog the same way as before but it's quite difficult to handle and has ended up embedded up there somewhere!

So finally, Facebook. I bet you can add links and photographs, so first a photo. Now that's not working but I won't be beat.

Now to see if it's publishes okay. Press that button!!






7 thoughts on “Blithering Blogging

  1. Can hear the frustration and release. I’ve previously used blogger and it is a lot less clunky! I’ve the wordpress app on my android phone so most of my posts end up going via there as all my photos are taken on this phone too. Had it with laptops – take too long and I’m too impatient!

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  2. It’s reassuring to know others find this stuff difficult too! Technology often reduces me to tears, think I would blog more if it wasn’t SO frustrating! I will be returning to this post for help later! Thanks X

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  3. I tried to blog last week and ‘it’ kept eating my photos and not adding line spacing – I am blaming Storm Barney because my buses didn’t turn up for yoga and I couldn’t do Skype art with my mate in Oxford either …….

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