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Blithering blogging part two

Tonight I’m trying something very new. This blog is being written using the dictation button on the keyboard on my iPhone. It’s quite strange sitting talking almost to myself.

But it is so much quicker than writing it all down. I’m wondering if I can keep a written journal or a daybook and then transcribe what I’ve written into a blog using the dictation method.

I quite like this leather bound book and it would be nice to write down my thoughts as I go along. I still find writing easier than typing directly onto my phone or iPad. Sometimes the technology distracts me from really thinking about what I’m going to write. 

I have to say using the dictationbutton is very much quicker, and if I was reading out what I had written it would be even quicker. 


4 thoughts on “Blithering blogging part two

  1. I have also begun using the dictation function (on a mac) for some of text since two weeks as I sometimes get really frustrated because it takes me so long to write (and check for spelling errors) and my arms (damaged from previous compute work) ache after such a blogging ‘session’. if feel it takes far more than the 20% of my time…

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