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ATV – Stitched Pieces

Just a quick blog, striking whilst the iron is hot. I’ve fiffed and faffed and got caught up with planning. 

Life is full of stress at the moment and far too many excuses not to get started. I was feeling slightly numb so I thought; whilst the mind can’t think just go and start. Just to it!

And that was what I did!

This sketch of the smock coat I looked at way back when is still one of my favourites so I decided to recreate it, or at least part of it on a piece of linen that I had ready for this product.

I drew the shapes with an erasable pencil and backed the linen with interfacing and free motion stitched the design.

At times it was tricky because the interfacing wasn’t very smooth is the material didn’t flow under the needles.

I’m finding it quite hard to reconcile my love of drawing and painting with my desire to stitch so I decided to test painting the design to try and meld the two things together. 

To add more depth I painted using some luminescent Stuart Gill fabric paint mixed with Jacquard Dyn-na-flow. Then ‘seasoned’ the plain fabric with ecru Procion-dye and some Markal rub.

I’ll review it once it’s dried and decide if? And how much more stitch to add.

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