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ATV – Stitched Pieces – pt2

I’m flying very close to my deadline (Monday!) but I’ve finished the first unresolved stitched piece.

Once the stitched and painted base had dried I decided to distress the material using the grinding tool to replicate the wear and tear on the original source garments. Ooh, I enjoyed this bit. It was far less messy than working on the paper and I loved the way you can grind away some of the colour to get texture and tonal changes.


 I started to think about ‘placement’ and detail and decided to test overlaying one of my ‘stitched on paper’ designs over the bodice on the base.

I liked the effect and chose a subtle tan thread. I laid out a few brighter and more eye catching colours but I wanted to keep this piece more nutural.

Once I’d done the first bit of stitch after drawing the design on with pencil I took a black and white photograph to check there is still enough contrast to maintain interest.

After completing all the detail stitching I have pinned the ‘completed’ piece up to review over the next few days. My instinct is to add more paint colour but time is short!!


2 thoughts on “ATV – Stitched Pieces – pt2

  1. Fascinating process, Sally. Love the lines you’re using. The really close up image is particularly lovely (sorry, lacking any more technical terms at the moment…)

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