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ATV – Assignment 2 – Stitched Piece 3

I decided to base this piece on one of the collages I completed when studying the 3 pieces from the textile archive. I had used ripped pieces of a photocopy of a close up of a small darned repair on the smock shirt to make a collage of an image I had done of the smocking on the sleeve of the smock coat.

To replicate the strips and the background of the collage I printed images of the doodled on zoomed in image of the darn onto TAP (Transfer Artist paper) and silk. I used montages of the images manipulated on my ipad and an image of the back of a sample that also included the doodle images.

I machine stitched round the strips, cut them out and roughed up the edges.

I layed the squares of coloured linen fabric and cut outs of the printed silk onto the base 1/2 metre of linen and after I had stitched around the squares I painted the base with Procion dye and flecks of brusho. I then pinned the strips onto the base to test the spacing.

I didn’t simple want to stitch the strips in place but to use the happy accident stitching on paper piece that I had made with thin threads and accetate on a textured surface.

So to replicate the acetate I printed the doodle design onto some clearish organza that I laid over the now strip layered base. I’m still kicking myself for laying the one piece down ways, it did look better that way but it grates my nerves that it’s going the same way as all of the other motifs and shapes.

To hold down the strips further and to replicate the stitches that are made into the folds of smocking I used some silk that I had previously hand dyed. I had been hoping to make these squares with machine stitch but it was far too fiddly.

As if there wasn’t enough detail to confuse the eye I decided that I wanted to distress the materials further with the hand grinding tool.

Now I had to draw it altogether so using the original stitch on paper sample as a guide I added dark brown and black lines using a variety of threads.

And that’s the piece done, it’s not perfect and everytime I look back at me source material I can see another path that I could have followed. Already the 3 pieces look naive and I know that although I have come a long way with my design, drawing and stitch work I still have a lot to learn about interpreting concepts and ideas.


3 thoughts on “ATV – Assignment 2 – Stitched Piece 3

  1. Amazing journey you have made with this piece – I like that you have so much depth. And it is interesting to see your daily ‘doodle-practice’ make its way into this piece, makes it very special and personal.

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  2. Fascinating process and result. I’d love to see it in person, understand the size and weight and dimensionality. The connecting lines have me searching across the surface, looking for connections. Very effective.


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