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Colour Studies – Preparation and Planning

I have had a quick read through the brief for Part 3 – Colour Studies, I know I’m going to love this one. I’m a colour freak and I can’t wait to find out and to learn more about interpretating and making colour.

The assignment at the end of this part is to make a colour resource book, I’m very excited about this and full of ideas. I do already have a small colour theory book I put together on my City and Guilds course so this is a perfect opportunity to consolidate what I already know whilst learning more about what colour is and how to use it.  So what is there to say about colour?

Today I found this wonderful quote in Victoria Finlay’s book Colour – Travels Through the Paintbox (Folio Society 2009) –

“The first challenge in writing about colour is that colours don’t really exist. Or rather they do exist, but only because our minds create them as an interpretation of vibrations that are happening around us”

After you’ve got your head around that concept, she then talks about what ‘seeing’ colours in nature is –

“The colour of many natural objects derives from transformational shifts happening within their atomic structures”

It made me think that colour is a static, snap shot of a scene full of vibration, movement and change. So how does that translate to a scene of paint or a photograph, they aren’t moving, so how do we see the colour? More reading to do then.

I could easily fill a blog with quotes from Victoria’s book but I’m not sure how that works for copy write so I will simply recommend that anyone who wants to know more about colour and the stories behind colour should get a copy of this book from the library.

2 thoughts on “Colour Studies – Preparation and Planning

  1. Thanks for the recommendation here, Sally. There is so much reading out there on colour it’s good to have a pointer. The temptation is just to leap in and learn by doing, but I am finding that reading about colour is actually sharpening my understanding too (didn’t think it would, being wary of ‘theory’ in general).

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