Why Color Is Irrelevant

So relevant for me at the moment.

Susan Carlson Quilts

I like color. No, I mean, I really like color. Often, I like more color than appears naturally in my subjects. A pink rhino? Been there. A multi-colored dodo bird? Done that.

Despite that, it’s actually value that allows me to indulge my passion for color.

In a comment on a previous blog, a follower asked me if I would describe how I inject vibrant, non-realistic color into my pieces:

My pieces are natural and realistic and I feel a bit intimidated by the abstract pieces I see around me but I know what speaks to me. I would like to make the leap to translate the actual colors to the bright and fanciful as you did with Croc. That would be my next step. Will you be talking about how you translate your color values to the palette you have?It’s wonderful! For now I can’t ‘see’ beyond the real coloring.

—Ginny from 

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