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ATV – Colour Studies – Gouache Studies – Part 1

This is just a quick update before the craziness that is Christmas properly descends!

In some quiet moments I’ve been beavering away at my colour studies. I did quite a bit of planning before starting and decided to work into a sketchbook and the ‘beautifully crafted’ colour resource book which is assignment 3 at the same time.

I’ve been finding making a ‘beautifully crafted’ book that it also practical and technical quite a conundrum. I have a scary feeling that I might yet craft another book at the end of all the exercises.

Another complication I have found particularly difficult to overcome with this part of ATV has been keeping to the brief; colour is such a fasinating subject that it’s easy to while away valuable ‘doing’ hours reading about lapis lazuli and mixing paint pigments.

Then of course there is the issue of finding 3 fabrics that have 4/6 colours . I have lots with 1 or 2 and lots with lots!! Also, looking for something that isn’t 100% patchwork fabric was tricky, especially since I didn’t want to buy any more fabric. I have enough …. or do I?!!

So in the end I selected my three fabrics and dip dyed a khandi paper sketchbook for the assignment submission.

I then cut out some squares, stuck them in my working sketchbook and got to work mixing the colours.

I took notes as I went and once the colour was right I painted a rectangular label.

Once the label was dry it made it easy for me to display in the assignment sketchbook.

The pages in the book are quite large so I have added some extras; colour facts, different combinations etc.

Now this is where I have the issue with ‘beautifully crafted’. My book is colourful, interesting but still very college sketchbook, in my mind I have a vision of one of those perfectly laid out shiny coffee table books. Umm, needs some more thinking I think.

I’m still continuing with my 2 book approach, it’s nice to have a scribble and a best work book for the exercises as they can be quite messy. Here are the other pages.

That’s me now finished for Christmas, have a wonderful one everybody and here’s to a productive New Year.

9 thoughts on “ATV – Colour Studies – Gouache Studies – Part 1

  1. Loving those bright colours, especially when it’s so grey outside. Your presentation looks fab already so shall look forward to seeing your finished resource book. J

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  2. I see your personal lines and draughtsmanship shining through in a fantastic way and lovely choice of format, I see a fantastic piece of work with loads of useful extras.! yes, here’s to a very productive year. thanks for this great post. I really enjoyed the read. and the bonus info on the 4-6 colours. I have really limited stash i BCN (so I will sneak down in my DK basement for some specimen – although I still have an assignment to finish before entering colour ‘mode’. 🙂

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