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ATV – Colour Studies – Gouache Studies – Part 1

I’m still here plodding away at these colour studies in gouache. I’ve taken far too long over these exercises and they are starting to wear thin on my interest scale. To the point that I hit my own personal procrastination high point yesterday and made a quilt.

I Bought the stuff and pretty much finished it in the afternoon and evening. This for me is extreme focused procrastination, I’m shattered today because I worked so hard, don’t get me wrong the quilt is nice, it’s a present for a friend but it’s just not yarn wrapping.

There in lies another issue for me: yarn wrapping? why? I’m finding myself being very reluctant to ‘waste’ my precious threads by wrapping them around pieces of card. I’m going to have to get over that so I can get onto the more interesting exercise: watercolour next – yummy!

Okay, so here’s where I’m at now:

Looking at the neutrals, this was quite therapeutic and tricky, it wasn’t easy to find the slight differences that make up a seemingly solid piece of fabric.

This is the grey pieced that I had hand dyed a good while ago, I decided to include the colours created by the shadows as well.


Much to my younger son’s horror my iPhone is chocked full of apps, I’m an app hoarder, there I admit it (are there any support groups for this I wonder) and one of my favs hidden away in one of multiple ‘photography’ folders is one called Colour viewfinder. It’s a little whizz, you open the app, hover your phone over the subject and it identifies the colours and amounts. Fab, I could have saved all this faffing about with water and messy paint and just done it all electronically, but hey where would the fun and learning experience have been in that!

This is the grey fabric as ‘read’ by colour viewfinder

Doesn’t look much for the grey but here’s one for one of the colour samples. I’ve got a feeling it can tell you all the official colour names too.

My next neutral choice was a glossy piece of silky, taffeta stuff which I layered to make it more dense, I was interested in looking further at including colours that weren’t actually part of the fabric, In this case it was the paper as seen through the thready parts of the fabric.


In the display sketchook book I drew a few mark recording drawings to use up the left over paint. I love the way my new MacBook makes these little ’tile’ inserts when I select more than one photo.

For the last piece I had a play with some creamy white, ivory maybe? devoure. It’s very pale and it was quite difficult to match. I did fall in love with these pale milky colours. They took me back to the linen smocks and garments from the textile archive.

Leading on from exploring adding/identifying the colours not actually part of the fabric I tested the devoure with 3 different backgrounds in my display sketchbook.

I’m really not feeling to love for what I’ve produced so far but I’m going to battle on with the leg work and worry about the beauty of the final resource book once I get to the end.


4 thoughts on “ATV – Colour Studies – Gouache Studies – Part 1

  1. Sharing some of your frustrations with this unit, Sally, but I’ve just made it to the end of 3.4 & looking forward to making the book. Keep going! It’s Yarn next which will be delicious, I think.

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