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ATV – Colour Studies – Gouache Studies – Part 2

It’s been a busy old couple of days in my workroom. I’m determined to make full use of my time to get these exercises and assignment 3 finished.

When faced with extending a pre-printed textile I went into a small panic. I love to doodle and I love to draw motifs, but to draw something specific, to literally copy something is not my forte.

My first choice for a patterned fabric is an old favourite; a print of a batik, quite organic and with few hard edges.

I used a white gouache (dejeco) pen to draw/extend the motifs and then painted on an overwash of watered down gouache paint, adding layers and areas of interest. Once the base was dry I drew in the flowers with an opaque white pen. I used 4 before I got the result that I wanted. The orange and yellow centres are a mix of acrylic ink and gouache.


There was a break between me taking the first photograph and the second ones in the collage of the final piece whilst I sourced new white paint pens. UniPOCSA is still the best! And during this time I found myself procrastinating and feeling a little blocked; daunted by the thought of extending the pattern.

To combat this I decided to have a play time, to do something without any boundaries or constraints and without the added complication of colour. I found a grid of photographs in an old Selvedge magazine, stuck them, almost randomly into my sketchbook and just drew between them.


So fully limbered up I was able to finish the patterned textile and move onto the neutral piece.

I started this piece very like the other, I drew out the extended shapes with the djeco white gouache marker and then, once dry I put on an over wash of gouache paint, with a little gold and some flow enhancer added. Again I let that dry and then using a stiff stencil brush I dabbed on more paint to replicate the velvet. I used a flat headed brush to add more detail and some folds.

It proved very difficult to photograph this page, the colour just washed out. In reality it is brown but the photographs made it a very pale grey and the extended area looked vastly different to the actual piece of fabric. The 2 photographs above have been tweeked using my iphone to get a closer representation of the real thing.



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