ATV - Ex 3.2 - Translation Through Yarn · ATV - Pt3 - Pj1 - Colour Palettes & Proportion · Textiles 1: A Textiles Vocabulary

ATV – Colour Studies – Translation through Yarn

The gouache studies are now finished and I’ve done 3 more yarn wraps to record the colours of the old master. These I have put into the display sketchbook.

I’m not sure that this is the best way to display them, I would have loved to have them as little loose, tactile packages of texture and colour but it just proved too difficult to attach the yarns to the little pieces of card so they could be handled so they will stay where they are but, now highlighted with yellow.


The colours are wonderful and I have purposely made them slightly brighter than the original photograph which is slightly hazy because of the paper it was printed on.

The mixtures of colour: the palettes are very pleasing to me and I would enjoy working with the selections on an abstract embroidery.

In places I have overlaid the yarns and used hanks of messed up threads in blocks to represent the areas where light and shadow interfers with the eye as it tries to make sense of the colour; attempting to pinpoint a match or a name for the colour.

This has been a tricky task, especially since I didn’t have access to a better quality picture of an old master that I liked. It’s not something I would have done if I hadn’t been doing this course but it is something that I will do again.


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