ATV - Ex 3.3 - Watercolour Studies · ATV - Part 3 - Colour Studies · ATV - Pt3 - Pj2 - Materials & Composition · Textiles 1: A Textiles Vocabulary

ATV – Colour Studies – Watercolour Studies

Once I had had a play with the photographs of the vessels I moved the glasses around and added a vase until I got an arrangement that I liked.


There was a good mixture of colours, shapes and overlaps. The blue comes through the crystal glass catching the different shapes in the glass. The green is just visable through the orangey brown jar. There is a small reflection from the window in the jar and this light ensures a good range of tone.


I started off by splashing some watercolour paints in stripes in my working sketchbook. I prefered the more defined shapes and whilst the very wet strip was pretty it didn’t make me think of the still life arrangement.


I played for a little while; testing what it would look like if I left a white strip between the stripes and then just for the hell of it I used up the left over paint and practised my stripe painting skills.


In the display sketchbook I made the painted stripes more defined. I painted one of the whole composition and then 3 that are of the Middle, Left and Right of the gathering of vessels.

This colours make me very happy, I love the earthy colours and the way they make me feel warm. I could work with these colours every day for years and years.


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