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ATV – Colour Studies – Collage Studies – part 1

Colour studies – humph! I love colour, in fact I’d go so far as to say I bloody love colour, I surround myself with it and usually get frustrated when I have to restrict it. But these exercises have driven me bananas; I think it’s the need to be neat and the need to be specific. I so often work with coloured fabrics and coloured paint that I have a huge collection, I rarely need to mix anything, I just need to match it.

Doing these studies has meant I have had to really look closely as colours, not just give then a cursory glance. I have mixed paint before to identify colours in photographs but I just saw that as a means to an end. I never thought of the action of creating a palette of colours.

I’ve used themes to develop a series of work but never looked to a specific colour palette as a connecting factor before. I’ve never had to gauge the amount of colour in a subject before either and this has been frustrating because I don’t really have anyway to check that I am right; no flicking to the back for answers!

It’s been brain boggling but I’m getting there! I’m not sure I’ll ever get my workroom tidy again after all the paint splashing and snipping and glueing but hey hoo!

Mess! This leads me on to my next mini crisis, the mess was useful when I had to photograph a chaotic corner for the collage exercises but now it’s driving me crazy and to make matters worse I’m having to revisit that messy corner day after day as I do the collages.

It’s torture! I so want to tidy up but, do I really need to? Making collages is messy, it’s better off left as it for now, well, until, of course I see that bloody photograph again – grrhh!!

2 thoughts on “ATV – Colour Studies – Collage Studies – part 1

  1. Breathe, exhale they say a tidy mind is not a creative mind, but I don’t believe that. I loved doing colour exercises, but that’s just me. I think you learn so much about colour by mixing. I like those – ‘you only need 3 colours to paint this’. It’s very fascinating. Finish those collages and breathe deep and then tidy up 🙂


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