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ATV – Colour Studies – Collage Studies – part 1

Collage, lovely lovely collage, brain mashing, fiddly, frustrating, faffy collage. Just look at my poor glued up fingers! That’s a dog hair by the way!!

Trying to make some order out of my messy, chaotic corner photograph hasn’t been easy and as you’ll notice later I’ve made a conscious effort to ignore scale, that’s one of the great things about collage; you can play with scale to your hearts content.

I started off with a very simple collage used a restricted palette of colours, dictated by the number of colours in a small pack of card that I had.

I had a play with some magazine pages, but I really wasn’t so sure about this, it was messy and I was aiming to create calm and order out of the chaos not make it worse.

Then decided I liked the layout of the simple collage best so did another one with patterned paper.

I felt quite comfortable with this, sort of, they still are not speaking to me and I think they are a bit dull but I decided to continue with the original concept and layout and experimented with the first collage in my display sketchbook.

Firstly replicating the original collage on a painted background. Keeping it simple but adding a few bits of colour to create a little bit of drama and interest.

Then, adding decoupage paper to a photocopy to create a complex colour collage based on the simple one.

Then I used paint to create another collage with an unusual colour palette.

Finally I used some of the key shapes and made a more abstract piece and couldn’t resist a bit of doddling.

6 thoughts on “ATV – Colour Studies – Collage Studies – part 1

  1. Well done, I can see you are still having a bad hair day, you sound so cross 🙂 I hate glued up fingers and collage is definitely not one of my strong points but your work is so inspiring Sally. Particularly love the final one – you got there, it’s great.

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