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ATV – Colour Studies – Collage Studies – Part 1

This is the last of the 3 collage studies for Part of 1 of this project. This one is my exploration into unusual colour combinations. I found it difficult to think of an original combination, I had already used 2 of my strangest combinations to expand on my first 2 collages. As usual I had backed myself into a corner by doing more than was required.

I’m not sorry that I took the collages 2 steps further and investigated each one more but it did leave me in a pickle. To find some colours that made me feel enthusiastic about this collage I looked on Pinterest for some unusual colour combinations. I picked out these as my favourites.


I then worked through some ideas in my sketchbook and noticed how some of the colour combinations fitted neatly with some specific areas in my original photograph. I referred back to my studies on colour theory and selected the unusual Goldfinch, I love his subtle summer colours.

This gave me a good opportunity to paint some papers for myself so I mixed up some paint and prepared some papers and used up the left over paint in one of my altered books (I hate paint waste!).

It was so nice to mix paint and actually find it quite easy; before I started this part of ATV and with little experience of paint mixing I would have felt very daunted by this task but now it’s just a part of what I do. I’m keen to carry on and practice this skill more and more in my own sketch and day books.

Early on in this exercise I decided to use the key shapes and motifs as the element that would link the collages together. I wanted them to work together as a series. I could have gone more abstract; focused more on the colours but I felt I could not do that if I was worrying about the question of how well I was interpreting the original source photograph.

So using my own coloured papers I began to build the collage. I particularly like the way that Frida Kahlo mixed monochrome with colour and I also like the way that collage lets you can play with scale and reality.  I like the concept and what I wanted to achieve with this collage but I am not at all satisfied with the result.

It’s my fault because I rushed the outlining and the sketching. I wish I had concentrated harder when I had drawn in the jug and the reels of thread. If I had the time I would revisit this piece and rework it until I got the proportions and links as I want them.


As with the other 2 collages I continued my explorations to interpret this specific collage with the previous set themes of ‘Simple’ and ‘Complex’. This allowed me to smarten up the outlining and to add more focal points and areas of interest.


With the last one I decided to go a little bit wild with a small pile of magazine photographs and add to additional elements to further develop the theme of ‘Complex’.

IMG_0997 (1)




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