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ATV – Colour Studies – Collage Studies – Part 2

Last week I decided that it was about time I set myself a deadline for this assignment (3) and got it finished and sent off to Rebecca. I had to shuffle a few things around in my diary and cancel a few plans but I have actually got it done. All there is now to do is the writing up. Not my favourite part but it is good to spend some time looking back over what you have done and reviewing what you have, or have not achieved.

But, first the last three collages. The 2 collages that I have been drawn to most over the last few weeks have been the cover of Uppercase magazine which featured a collage by Andrea D’Aquino and the huge collage by Matisse that is in the Liverpool Tate at the moment. Matisse’s collage is his interpretation of a snail’s shell in its most simplest form and demonstrated with coloured squares.

My previous collages have been quite busy, which matched well with the original source material of a chaotic, messy corner in my workroom. This last exercise asked for 3 collages based on elements from the earlier collages not the original source material so I chose one very simple shape; the lamp. I have found a calm pleasure in cutting out this shape, there is something very satisfying about finding the corner of a piece of paper and then cutting from one side of the paper to the other in an ark. I suppose age means we have to find our pleasures where we can!

The first collage in this series has a black and white monochromatic colour palette. I kept the shapes very simple and repeated them across the page, using the detail in the papers to keep up the energy. My first instinct was to draw in the lines of the lamp; the base and the stand but I resisted, I had set out with the intention of keeping these collages simple and I wanted to carry that through.


For the next collage which has a tonal colour palette I used some paint colour cards from B&Q in yellow and laid them out in a shell shape, I have used a shape more like that of a sea shell.

Then, finally I used the kitchen towel that is in the original chaotic/messy photograph to make a multicoloured collage. It’s been hanging around since I painted in the flowers in Picking and Portraying, they’d be used to mop up spilt dye and coffee and I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.

I wanted to keep the shape simple but then have some fun with the colours and the textures. I made 4 collages in the end, working with the organic shapes, lines and tones created as the randomly soaked up dye and coffee dried.

In the first collage a cut the pieces and worked to layer the pieces to show the difference in tone and colour. Keeping with the small arc in a larger arc process.


The further 3 collages were worked together; in the first (left) I used the sharp corner to develop a pattern, in the second (right) I used the lines in the colour to create a line through the lamp shape and in the last (middle) collage I just built up the layers and the colours until I felt comfortable with the balance of tone and colour.


There is an organic, plant fibre feel to these collages which I really like, the textures have become more robust as they have dried and the colours are bright and dramatic.

That is the Colour Resource Book complete.


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