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ATV – Colour Studies – Outcomes

Throughout this part of ATV I worked in 2 sketchbooks; trying out ideas and working on drafts in one and them replicating them in the second. This second sketchbook became my Colour Resource Book.

When doing the Gouache studies I completed the initial colour matching in a more playful and random way. Jotting down my ideas and views.


Once I was happy with the colours I would paint them onto labels and then complete the page in the display sketchbook. I was then able to add any extra experiments or playing with the colours palettes.


Overall I’m pleased with the final book. The gouache pages are bright and accurate and I demonstrated alternative options and an understanding of tone.

I expanded each of these textile pieces to enhance the page and if nothing else use up the mixed paint!

I then sought out unusual textile pieces for the exercise on expanding and replicating the colour palettes and patterns on fabric. This was more tricky, the colours weren’t as opaque as on the first three pieces and presented more challenges. I am pleased with the final outcomes and didn’t feel the need to rework them when reviewing the Colour Resource book before submitting for assessment.

Then onto the thread exercise. This one drove me mad, I really had to look at the colours and make proper decisions about quantity and accuracy. I had to concentrate, not something that comes naturally to me so I was surprised at how well the yarn wraps came out. It took me a while to find the right method to attach the wraps (Velcro in the end) but now I really like this page.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the Watercolour Studies, I often get frustrated mixing paints and end up making silly mistakes because I don’t clean my brushes properly and mix with dirty water. So I had to be strict with myself and take my time.

I think I might have gone slightly into over kill with the collages! I just couldn’t resist the temptation to progress each collage. I felt like I was seeking an image or a look that was just out of reach. The subject matter didn’t really inspire me and I found it difficult to find a point to focus on, an idea I wanted to project.

I made a quick magazine picture collage which I decided was too fussy and too like other collages that I’d done in the past so I decided to complete a very simple collage in draft in my working sketchbook, I liked it so decided to use the shapes I highlighted as a theme to carry through to the other collages.

Then I did quite a few more, lots more in fact. This is where I have a dilemma about the outcomes. I think I sacrificed quality for quantity, I wanted to demonstrate my understanding of colour and pattern and in doing so I didn’t give myself the time to concentrate on cutting accurate shapes and getting the placements quite right. Also in places the paint is not as smooth or as opaque as I would like.


Even with the later collages that I took more time over I am not satisfied with the final outcomes, They are vibrant and I’m happy with the colour palettes and I think I’ve met the brief but I would like to have reworked them, to have tried to make them neater and more accurate.

So whilst I was getting my head tied up with being a perfectionist I came across 2 collages that caught my eye and I had to reluctantly note that neither of them had beautifully cut out pieces. But they both still worked, they were both simple and relaxed but had lots of energy. I have aimed for this feeling with the last 3 collages and although it has killed me to leave them simple, I did go a little crazy with the tissue paper one but I am satisfied that I have tested my abilities and learnt lots of lessons from this part of ATV.

Once I had looked through the Colour Resource book and filled in a few gaps I had some fun with the front cover.



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