ATV - Part 4 - Yarn and Linear Exploration · ATV - Pt4 - Pj1 - Exploring Lines

It’s been a slow start

Grey, grey March. Even after a trip to sunny, snowy still but very sunny Switzerland I’m finding it difficult to drag myself through my most hated month of the year. I’ve never been the quickest on this course but now I’m almost grinding to a halt.

But, I’ve still got some work done. Okay, so this part of ATV is all about lines and for some reason I can’t yet explain I’ve been drawn to this stitch sample as the one I’d like to base my initial explorations on. 

It’s not been easy to find some simple lines to recreate in thread and I think this has contributed to my slow progress. 

I’ve set up a sketchbook and started doing some preliminary sketches and designs for the linear explorations which are basically drawing with thread but not as stitches. More sculptural than that. 

The whole concept of these creations keeps escaping me, I’m finding it difficult to identify where the exercises are meant to be taking me. 

I’ve had a little play at making some linear thread forms with the tangled threads that gather along the edges of fabric and some other scraps I had lying about. I like then but I’m still struggling to see the point of them.

There are some ideas forming in the back of my mind about how I can make this part of ATV my own and how I can produce something that interests and excites me. 

This means I’m still really at the messing about stage; reading books, researching ideas and jotting down notes.

And ….. procrastinating! It’s just so easy on these grey days to lazy about on the sette and knit!!

I love my blanket squares.

In the end I turned to my fellow textile students and asked for a kick in the pants. As always they responded immediately with kind words of encouragement. Thank you all.

So to try and kick start my mojo I did some linear doodles to loosen me up and get me back focused on lines.


Just for a change I’m away next weekend but after that I’m almost exclusively at home until the 22nd April  which should give me plenty of time to crack on and get this part of ATV done and dusted. 

2 thoughts on “It’s been a slow start

  1. Agree with Karen Sally, it is the journey that counts in all this exploring. It will open your mind and take you to your ‘style’ if you like… more confidence is the goal. Having said that: art is just one continuous journey … and you never ‘arrive’ hehehehe … Have faith!!!

    I have this book by Gwen Hedley ‘Drawn to Stitch’ … that ought to get you over your line hurdle 🙂 … she explores line and stitch in depth and with fantastic results. Have a look see at Amazon so you get the idea 🙂

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