Oh such pretty lines

On the advice of a very dear friend I’ve ‘ploughed’ through these set of exercises and have actually discovered that I’m happy with the results. It looks like I’ve unblocked the blockage and I am again on a roll.

I decided to revisit my original observation drawings to find a design source that had a more linear pattern. 

Bringing in the colour from the other source material I make some quick paintings of potential shapes for the experimental threads.

When I had been eco dyeing I had dyed some mulberry silk rods and when they were still very wet I had peeled them apart to create lovely scraps of rod. Some of which I had also added some dye from the drip dyeing experiment. 

I hand stitched these together and added some embellishment. I love their delicate quality. I prefer the thread on the left, as usual I find the knots a bit too twee.

For the patterned thread I returned to my first design source and tested out a design with paint.

Using coated metal wire and the mulberry silk rod scraps I made this little piece that I’m really quite pleased with.

It was lovely and a huge relief to be creating again and actually enjoying it.

These experiments had been made with 30cm lengths of yarn and the next part of this task was to repeat the 3 experiments with 100cm lengths.

I chose this time to use my sewing machine to attach the embellishments, mostly because it would be quicker!

Originally I was going to try and needle felt some silk tops into the trapunto yarn; a very fleecy wool that is used to pad out the quilting. But this didn’t work so the sewing machine was used instead.

Again I used the mulberry silk rod scraps and now added in some silk noil and tops. Matching the colour palette to the stitched source material

I like the way this thread makes me think of nature, particularly in the summer.

The second experiment I kept more simple and this one makes me think of Africa.

The mulberry silk rod scraps were influenced by the shapes on the stitched source material and I further developed that idea for the final experiment by ripping up the fairy cake cases that I’d used to hold the dye in the drip dyeing experiment. 

I stitched the dyed ripped bit of waxy paper to more trapunto yarn adding green and orange silk noil and tops to replicate the stitching.

So that’s that exercise done, as usual I’m running very late but I’m in no rush. I’m doing this for pleasure after all.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Platt says:

    Absolutely brilliant


    1. Thank you so much Karen 😊😊


  2. tesswyatt says:

    You look like you had a fab time !!!


  3. Anne armes says:

    These are beautiful, such sensitive work, are you sure you had reached a creative block? well done!


  4. Echo Karen : absolutely brilliant 🙂 and very inspiring


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