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Review Point: Demonstration of Creativity


This has been another interesting and inventive assignment from the OCA. I’ve ventured into area’s of textile art that I’ve never been into before. The idea of making my own yarn or thread has never occured to me, so I’ve had my eye’s well and truely opened.

Looking back at the full collection of yarn concepts I can see variety but also a similar style. I’m not sure I can describe my style yet. I seem to be drawn to natural materials, no plastic here and more natural colours, no bright florescents, well maybe just a little bright orange! Can I honestly call this variety? I’m not so sure.  I do have some ideas for materials for the next project but I’m still going to find it difficult to experiement with more synthetic materials.

My original plan to drip dye my yarn concepts was, I felt was more inventive than my final pieces but I fell at the first hurdle because the concept didn’t work very well. I know to make this work I have to apply more time to the preparation and mechanics of what I want to do. At the time I didn’t feel I had that time and I wasn’t sure if it would remain relevant throughout the project so I decided to place it aside.  So I don’t feel that I can say that I went above or beyond the brief for these exercises, but I did show the potential to do that and I’m sure I will in the future.

It’s not been easy to present the yarns but I am happy with how they look in my sketchbook, I particularly like the ones that I’ve wrapped around card with a tail hanging down. I’m not so sure the sellotape was a perfect choice so I might go back later and find a more attractive way to attach the yarns to the page.

I’m happy with how I source my materials, I’m a total magpie and I never leave anything behind. Those cupcake cases covered in dye from the drip dyeing experiement are still my favourite elements. I’ve got some nice melted glass from an abandoned and burnt out car that I’d like to use in the next project.


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