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Tones & Textures

This is the last part of exercise 4.2 Experimental Yarns & Concepts, it involves looking back at the neutral fabric explorations done in previous colour studies.

I decided to use these 3 studies that I did with a very pale piece of devore fabric with different coloured backgrounds. I really like the subtle colours and had been hoping for an opportunity to explore with them further.


I’ve used the winding method again; it’s become my favourite way to make these yarn concepts and I can see that they will make excellent bases for adding more detail if I decide to explore with them further.


I’ve still tried to use a variety of threads and played with putting some of the colours together in different amounts and combinations. I also tried to make sure there were interesting changes in the tonal values of the colours.

IMG_1147 (1)

I’m finding it very difficult to photograph these yarns. I’ve tried some close ups but it’s still hard to show the full pieces.

After completing these tonal concepts it was time to try and translate the textural qualities of the fabric sample. The devore doesn’t immediately say texture; I sat for a while and rubbed the flurry bits of velvet and the rougher rivers of lace inbetween. I noted that there was a clear contrast between the 2 areas and that the edges were cut quite sharp, but the piece had frayed edges.

IMG_0028 (1)

For the first sample I found some rough ribbon and some frayed ribbon to this I tied some softer and smoother wool and then ran the whole thing through the sewing machine. I see this as a direct translation of the ‘words’ I used to describe the textures of the fabric but I didn’t feel that it did that visually.


So I sought out a base surface that was similar to the devore and found some mozaic felt that I had previously made.  So for this sample I cut the felt into strips and backed with the frayed ribbon, I attached these together with a running stitch on the sewing machine, adding little blocks of felt to create more raised areas. To excentuate the inlayed orange felt I hand stitched the lines and then stitched on the orange beads that have a devore/velvet surface. I felt I was getting closer to what I could see in my mind but that I was trying to cram too much detail into one piece.

As a translation I’m much happier with this concept. I highlighed the edges of the orange and brown felt with machine stitch and also caught the edges of some lacy scrim into the brown areas to replicate the ‘burnt out’ lace areas of the devore. I then cut the felt into thin strips and sewed them together.

The colours look more interesting in real life and I caught see myself actually using this concept as a yarn. I’m not completely happy with it visually but I think it’s a good first sample.


Finally I found some metal edged ribbon poking out of a draw and decided to use this as a base for some scrim, cut in a thin strip and some chenile knitting yarn held down with some zigzag machine stitch. I was able to crumple up the construction and fold and overlap it. It was just a bit of fun but I quite like the result.


This is them altogether with my simple notes. That’s all of the yarn concept experiements done now so after a more indepth review, have I been creative enough? it’s onto creating linear forms. I’m slightly worried about this, I’m sure my C&G pals will smile when they remember my attempts to rip tower shapes/linear forms from paper. I’d soon created a number of shapes that would have made my Mom blush and my teenage son’s giggle, or a should that be the other way round!!


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