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Linear Forms – WTF

I’m really struggling with this part of ATV (A Textile Vocabulary). I just don’t understand what I am being asked to do. What am I being asked to create?

I can’t decide if its the vocabulary that I don’t understand or if I’m just being plain stupid. I’ve tried notes and I’ve tried mind mapping and now I’m going to try and explain it here on my blog.

Sumarising and explaining would be how I would usually fathom things out, I will talk it through and try and explain it to someone else. The only problem with distance/online learning is that you don’t really have that opportunity. Don’t get me wrong OCA work very hard at providing us with networking and discussion opportunities but it’s very difficult when we are all at different stages and working at different rates.

So Part 4 Yarn and Linear Explorations. The title got me straight away, but let’s put that behind us. So ‘Yarn’? This took me a while to accept. I use yarn, I’m surrounded by yarn, I’ve got every concievable type of yarn somewhere in my house. Why in God’s name would I want to make more? I’m making yarn with yarn and other found ‘stuff,

I’ve never wanted to spin yarn and most methods of making yarn create an unusuable mess. That’s why so much is either spun or mercurisized. The Harrison logic machine had gone into overdrive!!

After a while I did manage to drag myself through the first project and I have created some samples. I would not really call them yarn, I couldn’t knit with them, I might be able to couch them maybe? They are not yarns to me but embellished ribbons and braids.  And there is my problem, it’s like I have gone and lost my open minded joyful approach to my work, I’ve gone and got hung up on a word! I really quite like my embellished ribbons, braids, twists and cords. And if in the world of OCA these are yarns then I’m happy.

Everyone else seemed to be seeing inspriration and references to their other work when doing these exercises and I just felt kind of numb. It was quite a scary feeling, usually I’m having to hold myself back. I even contemplated leaving the course all together. But that’s only a small step away from being pathetic and that’s not gonna happen!!

Just confessing all of this is helping, I’m feeling lighter and almost excited about project 2. That is of course if I can actually work out what I should be doing. So what have I learnt so far? Don’t be closed minded – check. Don’t get hung up on the words – check. Don’t over think – check? Me – overthink? Quick, I better get started before I get hung up on the minute details again. Wish me luck x


4 thoughts on “Linear Forms – WTF

  1. You are not alone! Reading this was like seeing my own thoughts on the page! You’ve got it exactly, numb is how I felt too. I even wondered why I was doing the whole bluddy course at one point. I only got through by ‘holding my nose and jumping in’ -just produce something, anything, then submit it! Good luck!

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  2. Sally, please keep going. You are doing it right. I do think the definition of yarn is just ‘something longer than wide’… I worked with that notion and tutor (Rebecca Failey) was happy. So go wild and crazy… it is not a problem in this particular section. Hoping you get the mojo back. Been missing your posts.


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