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Exercise 4.3 – Reflective Commentary

For this exercise I have decided to answer the questions in the brief.

1. How did you build from your successes?

Despite working through this exercise in a liner fashion my development of ideas has been very jumbled. In places I have ignored what I had previously done as I went onto the next bit. I didn’t really feel that anything was working as I wanted it to and it was only when I started working with the crochet and particularly the knitting that I felt I could see a building of ideas and influences in the samples. In these samples I started to take more risks with materials and in the way I used knit and crochet stitches in a less conventional way.

2. What did you learn from your failures?

I don’t really think any of the samples really failed, they have all stayed held together and the colours have worked but the failure for me was more in the way I worked with the techniques I had first chosen. Some of the samples were particularly amateurish and as I looked at these I became increasingly frustrated until in the end I decided to work with techniques that I was comfortable with. I learnt that I am not a quick learner and that is it difficult for me to take something new and immediately start to evolve and re-invent it. I’m not going to let this define me and I am going to work on this but I am so behind with this exercise that I can’t dwell and need to get it finished.

3. The aim was to push the techniques towards your own interpretation and re-invention of them. How did you tackle this?

Badly! Until I got to the crochet and knitting and then I played with different yarns and threads and sizes of hook and needle. I didn’t do any planning and I went straight for making. I built each sample, working backwards, forwards. Reviewing often and adding more colour and texture as I felt the yarn needed it.

At the end I used unusual materials and this enabled me to develop samples that were more representative of my style, with the combining of the old and the new and a nod towards stitch in the paper sample.

4. How did you re-invent and re-interpret the imagery, colour and yarns from Exercise 3.27?

I think I have probably over thought this exercise and in doing so I have given myself too many variables and ignore some of the clear instructions.

I did consider the colours and qualities of the original photograph when I chose the materials that I used for the samples. I selected the correct colours with a rich quality. I did not base the actual shapes of the yarns on the shapes in the painting, I only looked at the colours. I sought this information from another source. That was probably a mistake and could well have been why I struggled to make this exercise work for me. 

That’s enough now, I’m very grateful to be moving onto exercise 4.4.

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