Art · ATV - Ex 4.3 - Re-interpret, re-invent · ATV - Part 4 - Yarn and Linear Exploration · ATV - Pt4 - Pj2 - Creating Linear Forms · Textiles 1: A Textiles Vocabulary

Exercise 4.3 – using more unusual materials.

Whilst I was happy with the crochet samples I still felt they weren’t as inventive as they could be so I decided to include some unusual materials in the knitting samples. 

I started very simply by including some merino fibre tops and knitting through it with mohair threads using a variety of needle widths. The tops puff up nicely and add lots of texture.

This still was not unusual enough so I thought it might be nice to include some textured paper that I have with holes in so that the needles could be put through the wholes and then yarns could be worked into the paper.

At times this was a little scary because the paper had a tendency to seperate and the holes disappeared. The end result wasn’t as long and thin as the previous samples but it does still have a linear feel to it. I like the bright colours and at they are off set by the white paper.

Finally I found a metal bar that I had rescued from a burnt out car, it was quite cold and not on fire at the time, and with a lot of fumbling I managed to knit around the bar, again using a variety of thicknesses of yarn and some more silk that frays beautifully. 

There was quite a long tail of the yellow sari silk so I found another piece of rescued metal and tied it at the bottom of the knitted area. I’m really quite pleased with this last sample, it’s unusual and has a complex but complementary mixture of textures.

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