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Deconstructing Colour as Yarn. Ex 4.4 – Materials & Ideas.

Oh and here we go again! More making yarn. Now this has been a fun one, I’ve strayed from the brief and I’ve done some weird stuff but it’s been very enjoyable.

This exercise looked at translating colours and qualities of work done in a previous exercise using watercolours. To me this felt a little repetitive, especially when I looked at the colours and the first few materials that I gathered together. In fact so much so I actually decided to include the few samples that I made with those materials in the previous exercise 4.3.

So the challenge for me was to find something interesting: an approach or a material that would get me enthused. I decided to focus on the word ‘deconstruct’ and around the same time I was being inspired by a couple of friends who had been on a Matthew Harris workshop that involved taking an item with fabric elements, but not a garment, to pieces and using the pieces in various ways as source material and mark making tools. 

After reading through the course materials (again) I did a mind map and then set out to find interesting items to deconstruct that would work with yarn making processes.

I scoured the local antiques market in Shrewsbury, a wonderful place full of hidden treasures and in the end spent a whopping £9.50 on an old Kodak Bellows camera. I just loved all the little screws and dials, there was fabric in the bellows and lots of interesting Art Deco features. It was pretty battered and only usable with knowledge and care so it came home with me to begin a new life as yarn. Yarn? Turn a camera into yarn? The guys at the antiques centre thought I’d gone barmy!

Then I had to think about the other materials that I wanted to use and I still had to give due consideration to the original colour palette. I gathered together some ‘stuff’ and packed it up to take away on a sewing retreat. Whilst I was there I also found a ladies Thai style blouse that I decided to include in the yarns.

The sketchbook that I was working in for this part of ATV had become quite unmanageable so I’d set up another smaller one ( that’s the luxury of having taken advantage of the Pink Pigs clearance sale).  I used this sketchbook to first make some preliminary sketches of the camera and then to record my initial explorations as I started to dismantle the camera. This proved to be quite difficult because I need very small but strong screw drivers.

I couldn’t draw anymore I just wanted to start taking the camera to bits, that’s just my destructive nature coming through!

This was great fun and I could see plenty of potential but I was hamstrung by not having the right tools, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! So I was forced to go to Slimbridge to look at birds!  

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