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ATV 5 – Strengthing a Theme – alternative shape

Whilst I agree with Bert Dodson in his book Key to Drawing with Imagination when he says that creativity works best with constraints I still like to have a plan B. So far my drawings have focused on curved lines and I have a completed one that I want to work on further so Ive decided it might be a good idea to try something different with the last couple of drawings. 

I had already had a play with these dog tooths and I thought they might make a good motif to work with in the clean simple way that was my original intention.

I also thought it might be a good time to bring in a little bit of colour, so I cut out some shapes and worked them into a couple of designs that also include the curved lines and the strong contrasts that I liked from before.

It’s amazing how far you can go with a single motif, constant repetition would be interesting and could form a piece using the Japanese stitch technique of shashiko.

Nice, but it’d be boring if I didn’t work it into a more interesting composition, thought I still like the idea of repetition. I’ll keep that stored away!

Um, then I started to work more at keeping the triangles on the curved lines and finding different placements, to look for how this changed the feel and energy of the spacing and final composition. 

I like the bottom sketch most; is this because it looks like the triangles are defying gravity by remaining upright when they are only just holding on by their tips. Also, somehow despite the fact that the sketch is only simple lines it has a feeling of depth.

I had a little go at developing the idea further but the colour and solid blocks seemed to drain away the essences of the original drawing. Maybe it would be best just as it is? 

Could it work well as something similar to the work of Debbie Smyth? Not sure how I’d get the finished article into the poly bag to send it for assessing though!

In the past few parts of ATV I feel I have worked in the 2 extremes of either having loads of sketches – textile archive sketchbook or hardly any – Part 4 and I am hopeful that in this part I am striking a healthy balance. 

My intention, after Rebecca’s last dose of feedback is to not restrict my drawing to the preliminary stages and to keep drawing all the way to the end. 

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