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ATV 5 – Strengthing a Theme – Light and Dark

Looking back through my textile archive sketchbook I was drawn to the shadows and the contrast in the shading. So I decided this was what I am going to focus on for the 8 to 10 drawing required for this first project. 

This will allow me to meet my own brief of working towards a series of more parred down simple designs.

I started with some nice broad lines and added some detail in white.
I really can’t help myself, the lines on their own were just not enough and before I knew it I had  added the little dots!

This was almost physically painful, but I did it. 

Clean lines, I know I know, there is some texture from the paper but I can work with that!

I can see lots of potential to work with these lines.

Flump! I just couldn’t help myself, I tried to draw some of the dog tooth shapes made by the stitching on the smocks and I soon found myself adding more detail.

But if I give myself a break I quite like this, it’s not one I’m going to take forward in this form. The shapes deserve some more attention but I’m not mad about their placement in this design.

Back to the sweeping lines. I used a softer paper here.

I’m working on a variety of different papers for these drawings and then putting them into the sketchbook rather than working directly onto the pages.

This design could be very easily translated into stitch but will it be interesting enough, would it give you a ‘wow’ moment? 

And then I went slightly off track!

I’d used a circle in one of my collages of the smock coat so I had a circle moment. 

These are very, very me but I want to try something new and challenge myself, so this will stay where it is!

The folding was interesting because I was trying to copy the folds in the clothes, this is okay but still very reminiscent of the work I’ve already done.

Okay, I’ve put this in but I’m not sure about it at all.
It’s just plain weird. It does have a bit of photo negative about it which I like but overall I’m calling it a dud. 

So that’s the first block of 8 drawings. I decided to take a break at this point and to come back the next day to work on the next couple of drawings with a fresh eye.

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